Wheel of the World video – 1 hour

Vijali Hamilton has dedicated her life as a peacemaker. Beginning in 1986, when she became inspired by a dream and was prompted to embark upon a quest for global peace, artist Vijali Hamilton traveled from one country to another, leaving behind magnificent environmental stone sculptures as a gift to the communities in which she lived. As Vijali collaborates with diversified communities she utilizes her skills as a filmmaker, sculptor, musician and author to further her quest for world peace. Her journey ranged from India, Tibet, China, Siberia, Japan and the Middle East, to Senegal, Native North America, and the Andes and Amazonian region of Ecuador and continues on today and into the future. In each locale, she develops community-based performance ceremonies in which are heard the voices of traditional peoples rising clear and strong. Vijali’s collaborative creative approach in each community makes these artful and spiritual events into expressive forums for voicing their resident’s hopes and their fears. In Vijali’s recent feature film “Wheel of the World, One Woman’s Creative Journey for Global Peace” she goes on to address the concerns of our times, calling for the world to join hands as one earthly family and walk lightly on our planet while in harmony with nature and one another. Learn more about Vijali at WorldWheel.org.