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How can I find the courage/wisdom/compassion to turn away from, and stop cooperating with, the current economic, political, energy, weapons, industrial agriculture, incarceration, and war systems that are oppressing people around the world and endangering the Web of Life?

There are many ways to begin.  These might include talking with friends instead of watching TV, growing some of your own food, becoming a vegetarian or boycotting meat from industrial farming operations, joining a local credit union, adopting a low-income lifestyle so that you do not pay taxes that support the global arms addiction, joining with friends to campaign against torture, solitary confinement, drone wars, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, predatory capitalism, and so on.

Video/Books/Articles Introducing Theme:

ARTICLE:  The Non-cooperation Movement in India

ARTICLE:  Non Cooperation With Evil: Looking Back 

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Relation to Earlier Challenges and Conversations in the Spiral Journey:

Turning away from the destructive systems at work in one’s society will often require a large amount of truth-facing and truth-telling because our lives are often deeply interwoven with those destructive systems.  There will almost always be an element of disruption in the process of turning away. Practicing gratitude for what is beautiful in life, practicing forgiveness of self and others, and practicing serenity, will help us to start making these changes while being as gentle as possible to the people around us.

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