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Spiral Journey Resilience Map

Prayer-for-Peace-Meganne-Forbes-225pxwPrayer for Peace – courtesy of Meganne Forbes

Conversation Theme:

How can I learn serenity practices that will increase my ability to hold the many crises of the world in my heart surrounded with clarity and compassion?

The crises caused by global warming, suicidal industrialism, and the culture of perpetual warmaking present us with a paradoxical pair of emotional challenges: On the one hand, to be stirred up intensely enough by the suffering of all our Web of Life sisters and brothers that we want to take action to change the entire world. And on the other hand, to be calm enough to be able to observe carefully, think clearly, focus our efforts, and nurture our co-workers. The more we understand about the world situation, the more intense this paradoxical set of challenges will become, hence the need to explore serenity practices as part of our spiritual/political/emotional survival kit. (meditation, music, yoga, time in nature, prayer, gardening, Tai Chi, gratitude, forgiveness, and more)

Video/Books/Articles Introducing Theme:

ARTICLE: Teaching Self-Calming Skills – Jessica Minahan

The Relaxation Response

Meditation for Beginners
by Jack Kornfield


Relation to Earlier Conversations in the Spiral Journey:

Both gratitude and forgiveness reorganize the mindset with which we encounter a challenging situation.

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