Transformational   topic / challenge / strength / conversation   Number 7
in the
Spiral Journey Resilience Map

Frog with Tear Image credit: lightwise / 123RF Stock Photo

Conversation Theme:

How can I/we learn to accept and honor my/our pain for the suffering of the world as a deep expression of my/our love for the world, rather than as a mistake or a problem to be gotten rid of? (This rediscovered love can empower us to become heroic protectors of Life.)

Video/Books/Articles Introducing Theme:

VIDEO: Joanna Macy on Honoring Our Pain for the World
November 2010 – St. Mark’s Catherdral, SeattleĀ  (YouTube Video)

ARTICLE: Joanna Macy and The Work That Reconnects – Exploring A Path Toward Compassionate Resilience

Relation to Earlier Conversations in the Spiral Journey:

All the first six conversations are at work in this exploration.

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