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Spiral Journey Resilience Map

UK_Coventry_Statue-of-Reconcilliation-400pxwDesigned by Josefina de Vasconcellos, the statue of Reconciliation
in St. Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry depicts two former enemies forgiving each other.
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Conversation Theme:

How can I/we deepen my/our understanding of, and practice of, forgiveness? …of self and other, for all that has been suffered, all that has been done, and all that has been witnessed, in order to free my/our life energies from the past and allow for new beginnings.

Books/Articles Introducing Theme:

BOOK:  Forgive for Good, by Fred Luskin, PhD.

With clear and gentle steps, Dr. Luskin will guide you to “take your hurt less personally, take responsibility for how you feel, and become a hero instead of a victim in the story you tell.”

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BOOK: Forgiveness: Breaking the Chains of Hate by Michael Henderson

Forgiveness demands much of us, yet once we’ve practiced it, it is so obvious — and easy. It demands that we examine our lives daily to learn whether we have brought harm to anyone, discouraged anyone, destroyed anyone’s confidence or trust. If we find we have, we give up painful denial and simply acknowledge it to ourselves, to the one harmed, and ask their forgiveness. Whether or not we’re forgiven is not the issue. That we found the courage to take the unexpected act is. We have accepted our imperfection and begun a healing process for ourselves and the world. (from a review by Gene Knudsen Hoffman) 

Relation to Earlier Conversations in the Spiral Journey:

Conversation 5:  Accepting Responsibility.  An important way that we can increase the total amount of forgiveness in the world, is to acknowledge our mistakes, ask forgiveness from others, and seek ways of making amends.

Conversation 11: Forgiveness is related to connectedness. As we realize how deeply our lives and our souls are interwoven with the lives and souls of the people who may have injured us, we no longer want to labor under the burden of unresolved resentments. We develop a deep hunger to be at peace with everyone, even people we may not like on a person-to-person basis.

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