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Spiral Journey Resilience Map

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Self-Inquiry Question and  Study Group/Team-of-Two Conversation Theme:

How can I/we learn/invent/adapt/adopt deeper and more exuberant ways of celebrating all our efforts, honoring one another, and honoring life?

Books/Articles/Videos that explore the process of celebration:

Festivals Around the World

Corroboree (of the Australian Aborigines)

Vijali Hamilton: Video clip from “World Wheel” exploring art as community awakening and empowerment:  (for more info about Vijali’s World Wheel Project, visit

Click here to watch entire 30-minute video.



How is this dimension be related to the other dimensions in the Spiral Journey?

Celebrating has interesting links to gratitude, understanding one’s connectedness to Nature, and to nurturing one’s co-workers. 

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