Transformational   topic / challenge / strength / conversation   Number 21
in the
Spiral Journey Resilience Map

Self-Inquiry Question and Study Group/Team-of-Two Conversation Theme:

How can I/we learn/invent the skills for (and create safe spaces and times for) sharing the many different feelings and life issues that arise when working to mend the world? In that work we are bound to be frustrated and disappointed many times.

Acknowledging and accepting our feelings with our team members will allow us to carry those feelings more gracefully. And we will be less likely to blame/punish our teammates for our frustrations.

Books/Articles/Videos that Explore Sustaining Emotional Engagement:

The Truth Mandala
A group exercise in witnessing, accepting and accompanying one another
in facing fear, grief, disappointment and anger

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How is this dimension be related to the other dimensions in the Spiral Journey?

The first fifteen conversations & creative questions in the Spiral Journey address many of the central emotional challenges of life.  This conversation, #21, Sustaining Emotional Engagement invites you to explore these challenge as part of the conscious agenda of your project team.  


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