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Spiral Journey Resilience Map

Self-Inquiry Question and Study Group/Team-of-Two Conversation Theme:


In our shared actions to heal the world, how can we learn to better nurture and support our teammates and campaign companions, given that our work may last through our entire lives and beyond our individual lifetimes?

At this point in the Spiral Journey, the spiral starts starts to grow outward and build on itself, encompassing many earlier steps and dimensions.  The Spiral Steps about gratitude, empathy, compassion, truthfulness, self-calming and forgiveness, to name only some, all play a role in nurturing our campaign companions.  Because deep ecology campaigns like those associated with nuclear waste may last our entire lifetime, we and our teammates are not only teammates, we may also be companions in lifelong personal development, companions in evolving personhood.

Books/Article that Explore Team Building and Nurturing Teammates:

WORKBOOK:  The Seven Challenges Communication Skills Workbook
Communication skills for team building

ARTICLE Spiral Journey Teams of Two – A New Model for Citizen Activism by Dennis Rivers

ARTICLE: Companions in the Storm, Companions in Blessing by Dennis Rivers

BOOK: Successful Team Building by Thomas L Quick

BOOK: Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders by Susan A. Wheelan

ARTICLE:  Building The Best Team Ever by Betsy Hoover

How is this dimension be related to the other dimensions in the Spiral Journey?

Team building can be understood as a group-oriented extension of bringing out the best in others (Spiral Journey step #16).

Team-building relies especially on expressions of gratitude (Step #1), practice of empathic listening (Step #2), and an atmosphere of sincerity and truthfulness (Step #3), as well as many other of the earlier steps in the Spiral. 

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