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Spiral Journey Resilience Map


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Self-Inquiry Question and Team-of-Two Conversation Theme:

Question: How can I open and listen more deeply, to feel life and the world as experienced by other people and other cultures, races, classes, creatures, eco-systems?  

Conversation Theme: We invite you to explore a variety of ways in which we can expand our individual and shared circles of empathy. This might include opening to experience all children as our children, opening to feel all plants and animals as our sisters and brothers, and exploring current perspectives on how life evolves to love, nurture and protect life.

Videos Introducing Theme:

Tara Brach: The Divine Abodes: Compassion  


Dalai Lama: The Centrality of Compassion in Human Life and Society  

Jeremy Rifkin’s overview of mirror neurons and the Empathic Civilization

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