Transformational   topic / challenge / strength / conversation   Number 18
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Spiral Journey Resilience Map


Self-Inquiry Question and  Study Group/Team-of-Two Conversation Theme: 

How can I/we work with others to better translate love, hope and vision into plans for specific creative actions?

Possibilities for exploration: the “Appreciative Inquiry” school of solution finding (as contrasted with problem solving).

Introducing Theme:

Positive Deviant (extraordinary article about paying attention to people’s strengths before trying to help them)

43 books on creativity from Goodreads

How is this dimension be related to the other dimensions in the Spiral Journey?

Several of the steps invite us to think again and again with the creative parts of our minds:  Exploring Deep Time and Infinite Relatedness (#13) invites us to look at the present through the eyes of both the past and future.  Expanding Empathy and Compassion (#2) invites us to look at the world through the eyes of other peoples and other creatures.  Opening to Awe, Wonder and Gratitude (#1) invites us to break out of habitual patters of perception and thinking. 

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