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Self-Inquiry Question and  Study Group/Team-of-Two Conversation Theme: 

How can I learn to better encourage each person (and myself) to follow their deepest calling/talent, and to work on the issue that brings our their deepest love?

Introducing Theme:

Explorations and suggestions (gathered by Dennis Rivers):

    • Faced with all the contending appeals for help in the world, I suggest that you commit yourself to the issue that most inspires you to love more deeply and to live more fully.
    • A person who follows their deepest calling with love is much more likely to awaken the love and sense of calling in others, thus increasing the total amount of love energy moving in and through the world.

      “Don’t ask what the world needs;
      ask what makes you come alive,

      and go do that.  
      Because what the world needs

      is people who have come alive”  
      Howard Thurman

    • Only the causes that move us to love, will move us to master the details and disciplines of our area of concern. Thus, the more we are moved to love, the better advocates we will be.
    • The Shamanism of Lovingkindness: What we care about deeply fills us with its power and cares/acts through us to mend the world.
    • Do that which best stirs you to love. – St. Theresa of Avila
      Love, and do what thou wilt… – St. Augustine of Hippo

A chapter on expressing more gratitude and appreciation,
from The Seven Challenges Workbook: Communication Skills
for Success at Home & Work [free]

Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return To The True Essence Of Helping
by Jacquelyn Small

The Power of Coaching: Engaging Excellence in Others!
by Machen Macdonald

Your Personal Renaissance: Twelve Steps to Finding Your Life’s True Calling
by Diane Dreher

The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling
by Stephen Cope

How is this dimension be related to the other dimensions in the Spiral Journey?

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