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Living a Deeper YES to Life -- Conversation #14


Summary of Spiral Journey Topic/Dimension/Challenge 14

When the integrity of all life is threatened, as is the case now with nuclear waste and runaway industrialization, the physical and emotional integrity of each of our individual lives is threatened as well.

The way we experience Life living in us and through us can be a powerful source of energy for protecting the web of life (and our own lives within that web). The subjective experiences of love, kindness, healing, and beauty-in-nature are our own direct connection to the integrity of life. These experiences give us a compass to follow no matter how confused the institutions of government, business and education in our society may have become.

How can I live a deeper YES to Life?
yes to being more completely awake and alive,
yes to the experience of beauty as an empowering mystery,
yes to the evolution of love,
yes to the healing of the world

Yes to Life Image  Credit: Matthew Willman

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