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Yes to Life Image  Credit: Matthew Willman

When the integrity of all life is threatened, as is the case now with nuclear waste and runaway industrialization, the physical and emotional integrity of each of our individual lives is threatened as well.

The way we experience Life living in us and through us can be a powerful source of energy for protecting the web of life (and our own lives within that web). The subjective experiences of love, kindness, healing, and beauty-in-nature are our own direct connection to the integrity of life. These experiences give us a compass to follow no matter how confused the institutions of government, business and education in our society may have become.

How can I live a deeper YES to Life?
yes to being more completely awake and alive,
yes to the experience of beauty as an empowering mystery,
yes to the evolution of love,
yes to the healing of the world

Introducing Theme:

The Beauty of the Dancer – song by Sara Thomsen

EcoBodhi Interfaith Cathedral in Cyberspace

EcoBodhi Interfaith Cathedral in Cyberspace – Empowerment through the experience of beauty in art, music and nature.

Detail of stained glass window in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Spokane, Washington. Rose windows have always suggested to me the deep reconciliation of spirituality and nature.
Inspired by the visionary Catalan architect and artist,  Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926), and the possibilities of the Internet, we are building an interfaith cathedral in cyberspace. This a place to both calm down and get inspired.  Nurtured by beautiful works of art and beautiful pieces of music, we hope to find new energy here with which to:
>> take better care of our own hearts, minds, bodies, souls
>> take better care of the people around us and the peoples of Planet Earth
>> take better care of the Web of Life
>> commune with the source of our being and give thanks for the miracle of life
Included here you will find transformational art and music suggested by various EcoBodhi participants. My definition of transformational art is that you look at a piece of artwork, or hear a song, and from that point onward, you never see the world again in the way that you saw it before. Beauty knows no denominational boundaries.  (We understand that, given the way nature loves variety, not every person will be inspired by every item presented here.  But we hope you find many that lift you up and help you see new possibilities.)
One of the recurring themes in my journey of awakening-to-connectedness, is that the deeper the ugliness I intend to confront and mend in the world, the deeper the beauty I need to let into my life.  Otherwise, how shall I stand against the monumental ugliness of things like torture and nuclear weapons?  A parallel intuition to the above is that if ecology organizations invite people to take up noble and monumental struggles, such as saving the oceans of Planet Earth, those organizations and campaigns need to provide more emotional support, more sense of connectedness, for their participants than an occasional newsletter. We have never faced challenges so large, hence this new effort to support and encourage people around the world who are working on behalf of the Web of Life, by offering a new emphasis on resilience , inspiration and spiritual friendship . I have begun this page with some of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever listened to, and some of the images that I have found most inspiring in my life. There are also people to remember, people whose love and courage shines so brightly and so beautifully that our lives are forever changed by them.  Over the coming months I will include many of them here, a significant number of who paid with their lives for their acts of love and courage, beginning with the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. , and including Ken Saro Wiwa, Sister Dorothy Stang and Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador.  Their love and courage can live on in us. They are our cloud of heavenly witnesses.   more

How is this dimension be related to the other dimensions in the Spiral Journey?

Human beings are inflicting great damage to the Web of Life here on Planet Earth.  To these we must say and live a deep NO, as explored in Dimensions 9 and 10 of the Spiral Journey mandala.  My experience has been that the NO required of us is so powerful that it can only be sustained if we cultivate an even more powerful YES to life.  

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